Church Announcements
5002 S. Central Expressway
Dallas, Texas
New Hope Baptist Church Mission:  “To spiritually reconstruct God’s community by
providing a program(s) that will address the family from biblical, educational, economic,
political and social perspectives”

Thank you in advance for your interest in the position of Senior Pastor, New Hope
Baptist Church.  Please take time to carefully review the Senior Pastor Profile as the
members of New Hope Baptist Church spent considerable time identifying the
characteristics and skills they would like to see in their new Senior Pastor.  

We ask that you submit the following:
   Letter of Interest
   List of References (minimum of 3, professional and at least one personal)
   Copy of License and Certificate of Ordination and any other relevant credentials
   Current Photo
   Three DVDs or Video Link(s) to recent Sermons and/or Bible teaching

Submit by mail to New Hope Baptist Church:
                        5002 South Central Expressway
                        Dallas, TX  75215
                         Attention:  Mrs. Heather Gary, Church Secretary

Or submit by email to
New Hope Baptist Church
Attention:  Mrs. Heather Gary, Church Secretary.

Yours in Christ,
Cheryl D. Orr, Chairperson
New Hope Baptist Church, Pastor Search Committee

New Hope Senior Pastor General Description

New Hope Baptist Church is in search of a Senior Pastor who will be responsible for the overall leadership
and direction of the church, prayerfully and confidently leading all functional areas in the accomplishment of
the church’s mission. This includes church growth, outreach, pastoral care, missions, youth and children’s
ministry areas as well as strategic direction and overall Christian operations of the church.

Pastor Profile

After prayer consideration, the members of New Hope Baptist Church desire the following characteristics in
its next Senior Pastor:

Preacher/Teacher/Leader:  The candidate for this position should be an individual who loves to study and
teach the Word of God and present it in a clear and understandable manner, using the scriptural text.  The
candidate should help God’s people apply His Word to their relationships and daily lives. The candidate
should be able to lead this church in its efforts to reach its highest potential.  This will include leading the
effort to grow the church in a caring and consistent manner, which may include making significant changes
for the church to meet its potential.

Devotional Life:  The candidate should be an individual who puts a high priority on his personal devotion to
the Lord.

Pastoring/Shepherding skills:  The candidate should be a person who:  loves and enjoys people; can
effectively relate well to a variety of people from all walks of life.  The candidate is expected to demonstrate a
servant-leadership philosophy; able to determine the needs of the parishioners and provide them with pastoral
care’ delegate pastoral responsibilities among his fellow ministers and other gifted individuals within the
congregation.  The candidate will be willing to directly warn, admonish and/or correct as this becomes
necessary for the church or for individual members who need this care.

Family and Children:  The candidate should support children and youth ministries with a vision to develop
Godly families by encouraging and equipping them with a gift and heart for growing and sustaining these

Discipling:  The candidate should be gifted at teaching believers to be learners from and followers of the Lord
Jesus Christ in their relationships and daily lives.  This will include teaching them how to love and study God’
s word, to love one another and to pursue God’s will.

Missions:  The candidate should have a heart for missions and desire to work with the missions throughout the
Church to grow them to the glory of God.

Evangelism:  The candidate should have a heart and gift for personal and broader-scoped evangelism and
outreach.  The candidate should encourage, motivate and lead church members to reach out with the gospel of
Jesus Christ to the local community and to the world.  

Worship:  The candidate should be able to conduct and coordinate the worship service in conjunction with the
worship team.  The congregation should be encouraged to worship God not only on Sunday, but in all their
relationships and life activities.

Visitation:  The candidate should be willing to visit individuals and families within the church and community
and to encourage the congregation to demonstrate hospitality to one another and to those in the community.

Counseling:  The candidate should possess pastoral counseling skills to counsel parishioners biblically.  

Education and Experience

This position requires a minimum of 6 to 10 years of experience as a senior leader in a church of similar size
to New Hope. Possession of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited College or University, or other related
field is required. Master’s Degree from a Seminary is a plus. The successful individual must have a proven
track record of effective leadership, judgment, and above reproach character as a pastor in a church.
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