Location and Directions
From any freeway in Dallas, use the following directions.
  • Take any freeway to Central Expressway (South)/Interstate 45 (South), heading to
    Houston, Texas.
  • Take the Highway 75 (Old Central Expressway South) exit, next to the M.L. King
    exit (do not exit on M. L. King Blvd.).
  • Follow Highway 75 South to the Elsie Faye Heggins Street Exit and exit
    Highway 75.
  • Make a left turn onto Elsie Faye Heggins Street, continue one (1) block to
    Harwood Street and turn right.
  • Follow Harwood Street for three (3) blocks and turn right into the New Hope
    Baptist Church parking lot at 4900 S. Harwood and you will see the Church
    parking lot on the right ( You can also locate this address on your GPS) Do Not
    take Highway 175 S, you have passed the church and are headed to Pleasant
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How to Get to New Hope.
New Hope Baptist Church
5002 S. Central Expressway
Dallas, Texas
Dallas' Oldest African-American Christian Witness,
"The Mother Church"
Founded in 1873 by African-Americans