Ministries and Organizations
Church Secrretary
Heather Gary

Church Treasurer
George Jackson

Church Financial Secretary
Darlean Cheatham

Church Trustees
Ernest Goode, Chairperson

Church Clerk
Patsy Smith
Scholarship Committee
Dr. Susan McElroy, Chairperson

Summer of Hope Ministry

Church Historian
Julia K. Jordan

Church Archives Committee

Communications Ministry
Ann Neal, Chairperson

American Baptist Women
Paula Morgan, President

Solace Committee
Mary Blair, Chairperson

Hope Chest Ministry
Martha N. Bedford, Director

Courtesy Committee
Ruby Daniels, Chairperson

Counseling Ministry
Dr. Peggy R. Jones

SamSeward Male Chorus
Jerry Sims, President

Chancel Choir
Alicia Grinage, President

Cherub Choir
Candace Wicks, Director

Inspirational Ensemble

Sanctuary and Crusaders Choirs
Cathy Marshall

New Members Committee

Marva Curry, Director
Joseph Carlos, Chairperson

Marva Curry, Chairperson

Music Ministry
Marydith Lawson
Mansell Fridia
Cathy Marshall

Sam Seward Male Chorus
Jerry Sims, President
Government and Political
Relations Committee
Taylor August, Chairperson

Family Institute

Brotherhood Ministry
Lewis Rhone

Church School
Joe C. Lacy, Sr., Superintendent

Showers of Blessings Ministry
'Feeding The Homeless"
Rev. Peggy Williams, Director

Senior Usher Board
Sara Jefferson, President

Fidelia Usher Board

Youth Usher Board
Veronica Scallion, Director

Children and Youth Ministry
Nena Harrison, Youth Advisor
Celebrating 142 Years:  
Dallas' Oldest African-American Christian Witness,
"The Mother Church"
Founded in 1873 by African-Americans
5002 S. Central Expressway
Dallas, Texas